Highland Resources Global Trading (HRGT),  is an international product sourcing, trading and business development company with special focus on delivering only the best products, services and technologies to our clients. We are your gateway to promote your business throughout the world. Our ever increasing network of strategic alliances and international business professionals allows us to serve you in many different and productive ways. Contact us to explore the many profitable opportunities that we can create by working together.

Ocean Oil Exploration HRGT, is active in many oil and gas markets, with over 50 years experience in the industry; our group members give us a market presence around the globe. Our focus is the distribution of fuel products and to reach new world markets. The supply portfolio includes such products as Crude, Mazut, D2, D6, 380,  Jet Fuels, LPG and LNG.  Contact us for more information on your fuel requirements.

Oil DrillingHRGT, can provide  comprehensive exploration and drilling solutions; including top drilling rigs and crews who are committed to working safely, efficiently and in an environmentally responsible way. Using the latest exploration technology,  we work to find profitable opportunities for your investment dollars. Contact us for more information on your requirements.

Globe solar wind powerHRGT  works with some of the leading suppliers of alternative and new energy products in the world. Our ever increasing network of  manufacturers , suppliers, distributors and partners allows us to always to be able to supply our customers products on the cutting edge of new technology. Contact us with your requirements for pricing and delivery specifications.

Lots of sunflower oilHRGT, works with producers of the finest quality edible oils. We can meet your needs for refined or unrefined corn oil, sunflower oil,  olive oil, or rapeseed oil.  Our manufacturers and suppliers, can meet your specific requirements when it comes to packaging and labeling.   For more information contact us with your particular product requirements.

 Highland Resources Global Trading (HRGT), can create a cost-effective import/export supply chain to meet your specific needs. We can accommodate any of your product transportation needs. We work with freight companies that transport your product by air, sea, rail and/or truck. Your materials are shipped to you on time, and on budget with integrity and reliability. Contact us for more details.

Highland Resources Global Trading (HRGT), has a wide range of international business development services.  We help you to introduce new products into  new markets,. expand your market share, create an import/export plan, or market a new or existing product.  We use our strategic alliances and our synergistic approach to improve your organization’s profitability and create new and profitable business opportunities. Contact us for more details.